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About the Blog, and Author, and Many (Few) Things

Hullo and Welcome,

My name, to the best of my knowledge, is Alberto. This is not to say that I have any reason to suspect that my name is not Alberto. Merely that it is impossible to invoke the act of identification without also calling forth the endless arguments, allegories to caverns, the meaningful tone of an anthropomorphic character as he utters the phrase “true name”, and all manners of unpleasant things. Inevitably, then, one is forced to ask oneself if one may well fit all the colours, all the noise, and unfettered rage into the soft curving lines of alphabetry. And well, I suppose that this is percisely what I want to see.

So I’ll post up a piece of writing at least once a while. And when I’m done writing everything that’s left, which evidently is never, perhaps we’ll have an answer.

Let me add that it is my very intimate pleasure to meet you through these incandescent screens, as it so happens. & harbour the hope that you would enjoy your stay, & perhaps be so kind as to leave a response, so that we may converse more extensively.

Yours truly,



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I love you :D

Comment by Anon

I love you too, my dear anonymous.

Comment by albertocristoffanini

Hi Alberto,

I’m from the IGNITE! Youth Festival and I came across your blog. Just wanted to tell you that you still need to confirm your audition (by noon on Monday, March 26th) at the latest. Please email auditions@igniteyouthfest.ca to confirm.

Comment by IGNITE! Youth Festival

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