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Rainy Day (this poem is definitely Not about a girl)
February 24, 2012, 2:34 am
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Today, I love you, rainy day.

I love your distant coldness,

Your gray impending skies,

Its soft muffled  light,

The murmur of your sweat.

I love your placid inert wind,

Its honest song of silence,

And its brash absent kisses.

I love the contours of your clouds,

Your briny desolate taste.

The colour of the mournful sea

With all its faint unwavering hope,

Its dark abyssal corners,

And its quiet, burning life;

Its unapologetic eternity.

Rainy day, you have wrapped

yourself around my soul;

You have followed me across seas

and skies, from a dream of a poet

on a Dark Island. Rainy day,

I cannot escape your serene embrace,

The hidden warmth that you refuse

to share. Rainy day, you have rained me dry.

Yet there was a time

when I did not appreciate your visits.

I didn’t bask in your intrepid

greyness. I didn’t know to

savour your unspoken symphony.

But now, we meet again,

 in another way, and we come

together like an invisible storm.

Inconspicuously we explode off

the edge of the painting’s frame.

You and me, rainy day, we are not

the stuff of love-stories,

the truth twisted in fairy-tales.

We’re not the budget of a

blockbuster romantic comedy, starring

that hot chick and Hugh Grant.

No. Rainy day, we are the air-

pressure of a spray-paint can

that holds together in purpose

for not half as long as the

magnificent graffiti we leave

behind. We are the synchronized

sighs of a thousand lovers

exhaling their last breaths. We

are not the influence of a Shakespeare


We are the rhythmic

heaving of the sea, the tireless

brilliance of a pulsar. We are

these things that come and go,

yet last forever. So, rainy

day, though I know you must go,

and already I miss you so,

do not fear. I’ll be here,

so that once again, you can come,

and breathe your sighs, and cry

your tears, and rain me dry



Creative Commons Licence
Rainy Day by Alberto Cristoffanini is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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